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Full Version: XFR Monster Photoshoot
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I went a little bit crazy, I thought we looked good so I took a couple (6) pictures Tongue

Left: KyllOne - Middle: Seven - Right: Vincent

Pic 1:
Pic 2:
Pic 3:
Pic 4:
Pic 5:
Pic 6:
3rd pic i actually like Smile
That image quality makes my eyes bleed
(2012-12-27 10:28)Fatteeh Wrote: [ -> ]That image quality makes my eyes bleed

hahahaha !
Nice shots, but next time, less .jpg compression please Wink
I didn't compress them. That's just snipping tool for you Smile
Whenever you save a .jpg it gets compressed. It's a format designed for lossy storage of images. But with good programs like Photoshop you can adjust how much compression versus quality you want. Closedeyes
I wouldn't do that for a half-ass photoshoot. If it was for something more important, say, if I were showing something off then I'd put more effort in...
Meh I don't know. I ALWAYS export my pictures through Photoshop Laugh
Just on the note of compression, some programs that are older runout of phyiscal memory, PSP did that on my once my I ages were so large lol.
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