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Full Version: End of Year Event Series 2013 - Information
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All times are in GMT/UTC


This year's series will consist of 3 races over 6 weeks (One race every fortnight). We have chosen combinations that have not yet appeared in any [TC] events to mix things up a bit. If you sign up for the series you are automatically signed up to every race; however, you do not need to attend every race if you do not want, you can pick and choose. This said, to stand any chance of winning you will need to attend every race.

Naming Convention

We will be enforcing a naming convention, this will be:

- Car number (Numbers between 0 and 99. More will be allocated if needed)
- Forename Initial & Surname

For example: 01 P.Butcher (Car number must be white, Driver name can be any combination of colours. If you do not want to use you real name, make one up within reason)

Race Calendar
Sign Up
Server Details
Prizes & Donations
Results, Replays & Standings

Entry List
Prizes & Donations
Due to a typo from me, round 3 was set to be WE1. I meant for it to be WE1R.

Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

Round 3 - TBO at WE1R (15 Laps)
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