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Full Version: End of Year Event Series 2013 - Round One Discussion
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Round One Discussion
All times are in GMT/UTC

Round One - FOX KY3 - 1st December

Car: Formula XR (FOX)
Restrictions: n/a
Track: Kyoto GP Long (KY3)
Race: 13 Laps

Qualifying Start: 7:00pm
Qualifying: 20 Minutes
Race Start: 7:30pm
Race: 30 Minutes
Event Duration: 7:00pm - 8:00pm (1 Hour)

There will be no competitor limit on this event but should more than 32 people turn up for qualifying, qualifying will be split into two sessions. (2 x 10 Minutes)

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A question on the Qualifying:

Do you we have a limited amount of laps on the Qualifying or are all cars on track at once and set lap times within the time limit, like normal Formula 1 Qualifying.
i will re-type my question here.

can i do this event even though im bannned? this seems like alot of fun and another reason to dominate savy.

Sadly, if you're banned from one server, you're banned from all until you're unbanned, so the answer to your question is no at this stage.

@ Connor

If < 32 cars turn up it will be 20 minutes of free qualifying. This means you can set as many laps as you like and you can shift+p/s at any point.

If > 32 cars turn up, qualifying will be separated into two 10 minute sessions. Half the grid will qualify for the first 10 minutes and the second half will qualify afterwards. The top 32 will then be able to race.
Oh I see thanks Lamp! Smile
What are the actual track boundaries at the chicane off of autobahn? Will there be tyres there for the event, or is the infield green area considered in-limits?
Coming off of the oval, the first curb, if you cut the sleeping policemen it's your loss as you'll get some suspension damage. The second curb, you need to keep 2 wheels on the track.

On the home straight, going over the yellow lines is technically not allowed so keep two wheels on the track.
cool, thanks
Just to clarify a few things (been asked by a few people)

- On Kyoto GP Long (KY3 - Round 1), the dashed yellow pit entry/exit lines can be ignored provided you do not obstruct or impede another driver by doing so. This will only be the case for this round. Round 2 & Round 3 pitlane entry and exit lines cannot be cut as they are solid lines.

- Round one will be run from a standing start. Rounds two and three may have rolling starts due to the starting imbalances.

- You do not need to make a pitstop in any of the rounds. Pit stops are optional.

- Chat will be closed during qualifying and the race meaning that every line of chat will result in a 1 point penalty.
Hey Lamp, this is regarding the TC Events server's layout.

Right now the layout is essentially the cruising layout used on TC with all the barriers on the road. It's not the race track and I was wondering if this was intentional or not?
It's not intentional. When I get the chance I'll remove the layout and set the race one to default. (If it's not been done already)
Hi Lamp, you mention that people will get a 1 point penalty if they speak during qualifying and the race. What if you accidently press a bind on your wheel or something?
Then you get a 1 point penalty.
I presume you will get a penalty point if you apoligise for causing an accident?
Empty the risky buttons on your wheel and remove your F8 hotkey so that if you go for F9 and press F8 by accident you won't lose any points.

It's so distracting when you're trying to do consistent laps and chat messages appear so putting a regulation in prohibiting them is a good idea.

Leave apologies until after the race.

Just don't chat.

Most LFS leagues give drivers a drive-through penalty for chat messages but I find that a little harsh, you're likely to lose a lot more than one point by having to take an extra drive through.
It's tricky sometimes when you have a racing accident and then the one who isn't the main guilty ragequits and immediately spreads his rage around to the forums Tongue Until you've had a chance to apologise.

Tho I prefer this aswell, no chat during race.
A protests thread will be set up to save random rage threads / posts appearing.

I have had an accident or two in league races where I've wanted to apologise but I had to wait until the end of the race. If anything, it's better to wait until the end before apologising because it shows you mean it and a protest can quite often be avoided by chatting after the race when the accident has been and gone.

To elaborate, I've had plenty of people crash me in league races but because they waited until the end to apologise, I don't feel like protesting them.
Can someone remove the layout from the events server please?
The layout has now been removed and *shouldn't* come back.
6 days to go until round 1.

A PM will be sent out on Friday with final details for Sunday's race.
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