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Full Version: End of Year Event Series 2013 - Race Calendar
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Race Calendar
All times are in GMT/UTC

Round 1 - FOX KY3
- Sunday 1st December

Car: Formula XR (FOX)
Restrictions: n/a
Track: Kyoto GP Long (KY3)
Race: 13 Laps

Round 2 - GTR AS4R
- Sunday 15th December

Restrictions: FZR+28kg
Track: Aston Historic Reversed (AS4R)
Race: 13 Laps

Round 3 - TBO WE1R
- Sunday 29th December

Cars: FXO, XRT, RB4
Restrictions: FXO+3%AIR+45kg, XRT+1%AIR
Track: Westhill International Reversed (WE1R)
Race: 15 Laps

All Rounds
- Details that are consistent throughout the series

Qualifying Start: 7:00pm
Qualifying: 20 Minutes
Race Start: 7:30pm
Race: 30 Minutes
Event Duration: 7:00pm - 8:00pm (1 Hour)

There will be no competitor limit on this event but should more than 32 people turn up for qualifying, qualifying will be split into two sessions. (2 x 10 Minutes)

Race Calendar
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