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Full Version: End of Year Event Series 2013 - Protests
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If you feel you were involved in an unfair incident in qualifying or the race, you can file a protest here.

Use the following template:

Your LFS Username:
Their LFS Username:
Session (Race/Qualifying):
Replay Timestamp:
Reason for protest:

Protest deadline is midnight on the night of the race.

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Your LFS Username: .Mikee.
Their LFS Username: pipa
Session (Race/Qualifying): Race
Replay Timestamp: 1st Lap 3rd Corner
Reason for protest: Uses me as his brake and flips me over


Action Taken by: Lamp

Verdict: Racing Incident

Car 08 was awarded no penalties, the protest was deemed to be a racing incident.
Your LFS Username: mikebez
Their LFS Username: gt4_pl
Session (Race/Qualifying): Race
Replay Timestamp: 1:25.00
Reason for protest: Overtaking off track on flat part of autobahn. (Other users had said he was to them too) I was forced to let him back onto the track.


Action Taken by: Lamp

Verdict: User will receive a time penalty equivalent to that of a drive-through penalty. A 20s penalty has been applied to car 44.

Car 44 was awarded a 20s penalty (the equivalent of a drive-through) and has dropped from 11th to 14th. As a result, cars 51, 81 & 53 have been promoted 1 place.
Your LFS Username: kyllone
Their LFS Username: pandaboy
Session (Race/Qualifying): Race
Replay Timestamp: 3:20 mins
Reason for protest: Pushing me to grass, in T4 (tight right) I spin infront of him, he purely rams me off his way.

Administrator Message by: Lamp

Sorry, the protest deadline for round one has passed.
Car 94 (M.Weddel) is disqualified from round 3 for incorrect restriction during the race
Car 53 (T.Palomaki) is disqualified from round 3 for starting the race in a different car to that in which he qualified
Car 42 (M.Roiseland) is disqualified from round 3 for using incorrect restriction on his fastest qualifying lap
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